All Saints Food Bank

All Saints Food Bank is here to help vulnerable people across Woodlands, Highfields, Adwick Carcroft and Skellow.

We are a “referral only” food bank and during the current lockdown you will need to be referred to us by DMBC. The contact number for Doncaster Community Hub is 01302 430300.

You would receive details of when and where to collect a food box that will hopefully help you in these difficult times.

Any donations are welcome of non perishable food items, and toiletries – including nappies, wipes, sanitary products and soap. All items must be within sell by or use by dates.

Sadly at this time we are NOT taking donations of clothes, toys or anything other than the above.

Sadly due to the stringent requirements for handling and storage we won’t be able to accept or make baby food or baby milk donations. We will work together with the Community Hub to ensure families that need these can access them.

For more details see our website –